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‘Wildfire a love story’ depicts an intimate exploration of the soul’s lovemaking and the power of love to heal and transform individuals.

As part of Extinction Witness’s first production, Virgin, ‘Wildfire a love story‘ is purposed to raise awareness of wildfire’s role in the regeneration of sequoia and to encourage a memorial grove at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California.

Greatly appreciate your view and share of ‘Wildfire a love story’. 

Wildfire a love story from Megan Hollingsworth on Vimeo.

For context, most of the images in the film were taken at the big stump and the majority of those are of me lying on the big stump moving with rapture from sorrow to joy.

The images of me and a standing sequoia were taken not far from the stump along a path that invites Park visitors to explore the wounded grove of Calaveras Big Trees. Read about the North Grove at Calaveras.

The poem came through for me as I imagine the song did for the songwriter. Both the poem and song speak to the eternal call of pure love. 

Beyond this expression of love like wildfire, ‘Wildfire a love story’ is purposed to raise awareness of wildfire’s role in the regeneration of sequoia. Wildfire is pure love for sequoia. Essential for her natural regeneration, wildfire releases her seed and prepares the seed bed. The pervasive wildfires we witness today are a consequence of suppressed wildfire and cultivated fires of industry. Read more about the life-affirming, regenerative role of wildfire at wildfire.

As well, Extinction Witness has proposed a memorial grove in Calaveras Big Trees State Park in recognition of this grove’s sacrifice, which helped to spur the creation and preservation of national forests and national parks in the United States. It was insane to cut the mother tree in an attempt to make bank off of her potent power and beauty. That insanity is born of the same insecurity that continues to fuel global deforestation. read part of the big stump’s story at big trees. You can read more about our proposal for Calaveras Big Trees at Virgin.

The insanity of deforestation will continue until we allow the desecration of forests, mountains, rivers, and ‘strangers’ to break our hearts just as our hearts break when we part from our dearest. Earth is our collective mirror, a reflection of how we love ourselves and one another.

Hope ‘Wildfire a love story’ inspires and ignites you! Please share it and spread the word: Imagine your Love like Wildfire. Love is for sharing.

many thanks & much love,


6 thoughts on “wildfire the film

  1. Betsy Ogle

    Beautiful work. I, too, have heard the screams and cries of the Gulf of Mexico, the forests in my neighborhood and the wordless animals using my perceptions to express themselves. Not often enough, but but sometimes, I listen.

    1. meg Post author

      thank you, Betsy, for being here with me and for listening. i find we can listen wherever we are, though i personally could use to be out and among those wordless and quite vocal others a bit more… no complaints here… just what is in the moment. thank you, love, m

    1. meg Post author

      loves u, michaela. so glad to connect and know you are there and we are together in the holywownowness of it all, LOVE hugs, thanks you!!! m

  2. charlotte fuller

    I am likewise taken with a particular beauty and natural spirit your show through your perspective. It seems through our vision and intention, emotional life and integration arrives poetic and earthy. through video, and voice. Thank you for your offerings, This link will lead you to a grief ritual page http://charlottefuller.com/?page_id=17. The ritual went well and the central portion was held in a burned out redwood tree – a dozen people and a dozen tress surrounding … <3. Hope to meet you sometime.

    1. meg Post author

      thank you, Charlotte. so glad to hear the ritual went well. we are gathering here in the SF Bay Area (Lafayette) this Thursday, Nov 21. will love for you to join, though i am not sure where you are based. in any case, i look forward to meeting you. i’ll be in touch! love, m


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