I am a mother, writer, dancer, compassion activist, and change artist.

My life and art are dedicated to making peace with change and confirming The Golden Rule as a spiritual truth rooted in natural law.

My activist roots are in the forest protection movement. I love trees and I love forests and I know we are at a loss when we see one without seeing the other. I have developed a particular relationship with the giant sequoia you see in the images on this site. you can read more on sequoia and how i think human beings compare.

As founder and director at Extinction Witness, I am out to offer supportive compassionate witness to the radical loss and love of our age. Extinction Witness stems from my spiritual practice and existential journey, explored academically during my graduate study of the human emotional and spiritual response to genocide and mass extinction. See my vitae.


My writing and speaking explore the constants of Love and Change, and all that contradicts these truths in judgments of self and other.

On the buzz word abundance - there is a great deal of talk now with a promise that we can all live with and in abundance. This is true so long as we account for every one as we calculate our own.

Every one means every one, from the largest organisms (a known example being giant sequoia) to the very smallest organisms (apparently ‘nanobes’). It’s worth noting that nanobes were discovered in the oceanic underground by Dr. Phillipa Uwins of Queensland University (Australia) during an oil drill. Nanobes are one very good reason why we should refrain from drilling the ocean depths. We have no clue how big their part is in this world.

The greatest failing is disrespect for the unknown and unknowable.

The greatest hurdle is fear.

All suffering stems from the mind outthinking the heart. Fear is the domain of the mind. Love is the domain of the heart. The mind is born of the heart and can forget itself. Thus, fear is love forgetting itself. 

Peace of mind is a priceless thing. All that is priceless is unattainable.

May you realize peace of mind.

Gratitude Love and Blessings,


ps As for ownership, ALL rights respected. Unless noted all copy is original through me and all Photograph(s) © 2013 Jack Gescheidt at

imprints from Megan Hollingsworth on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “me

  1. Chara

    Megan, what a beautiful site you are building, and what stunning photos! I love your emphasis on the Golden Rule. (I recently taught a course that looked at Golden Rule concepts in world religions, especially in relation to world religions’ teachings of care for the natural world, so if you want a guest article, let me know! I’d actually like to discuss guest blogging for each other site’s. I hope mine will be up by the end of the summer!)

    Gorgeous work here, in every respect!

    1. meg Post author

      Yes Chara! and Please! will love to have you as a guest here speaking to The Golden Rule as it relates to the whole of the living…and more from you as well! Thank you! we’re in touch…let’s do it! Love, megan

    1. meg Post author

      Jenny, I LOVE your dream room!!! am sending all blessings there and to you and am thankful we are together now :-) more!!! Love

  2. Suzanne Grist

    I am so glad that I toook a “pause” this morning to really sit with your writings, and yes, photos. Like always with you, my tears start to flow. It’s beautiful, where you are. Thank you for having the resolve to put this, and you, out there. You always cut through to a truth and strength that lives deep in all of us. Moving. I love you.

    1. meg Post author

      Thank you for taking the pause to be with me, Sue. You bring it all…from the belly laugh to the flood of tears…both equally cleansing and so welcome in this life. See you soon. Love you so much, thank you, m

    1. meg Post author

      Oh, thank you for spending time with me here, Sally!!! Wonderful to be connected with you and, yes, definitely we will be/keep in touch! i look forward! lots of love, m


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