extinction witness

bearing witness to the whole

“Accepting death on the scale of extinction is precisely what humanity is called to. That acceptance is part of our learning to live well and is absolutely essential for Earth’s present transition. Wisdom teachers of the ages have spoken to the acceptance of death on the personal level as an essential part of the soul’s evolution and liberation. None before the teachers of our time were faced immediately with Earth’s precarious state as we know it. What the ancients pointed to applies still and urgently for the individual so that humanity may come to this acceptance on a scale grand enough to foster a gentle world of plenty.”  

~megan hollingsworth, excerpt from megan’s forthcoming book Wail Dance ~ a soul’s memoir


the mission

To foster the light of compassion that shines through humanity’s dark night.

the project

In response to genocide and mass species extinction and in appreciation of those who are rising to protect and nurture all forms of life, Extinction Witness offers supportive, compassionate witness to the radical loss and love of our time.

Extinction Witness’s work includes the production of short films, a website (work in progress) for curating these films along with other acts of witness and responses to extinction, and the creation of memorial sites.


monthly witness

February 2014, Extinction Witness began a monthly witness to a common group of individuals for the remaining eleven months of the year. Extinction Witness puts out a series of letters each month that address the ecology, metaphor, and present challenges for each.

April 2014 attends to wolf and the instinct, independence, and bonds they teach with invitation to contribute prose, poem, visuals, and song that speak from or to your heart as you consider the depths, beauty, and heights of love. Please contribute on the Extinction Witness Facebook page or under the post ‘because wolves won’t wait’.

Links to April letters: 

a few words with hope for wolves

where do the wild ones belong?

see also because wolves won’t wait

March 2014 attends to bee, the flowers bee loves, the seeds that begin those flowers, and the darkness through which seeds open. 

Links to March 2014 letters:

because wolves won’t wait

what it takes to foster a world of plenty

to inherit the earth in a flower

she dreams whole worlds into being

we count more than enough of them

see earlier 2014 letters here



Extinction Witness films serve as creative messengers for on-the-ground regeneration projects and educational campaigns.

Extinction Witness’ first major undertaking is a tribute to whole women and big trees. The project includes two short films, ‘Wildfire a love story’and Virgin’ (work in progress), along with a proposal to create a memorial in the North Grove of Calaveras Big Trees State Park, home of “the big stump”.


Read an interview with Megan Hollingsworth

Please see What Is Missing? by Maya Lin


Extinction Witness is a project of Empowerment WORKS, Inc. 501(c)3.

Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.

We invite and greatly appreciate general gifts to Extinction Witness.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “extinction witness

  1. natasha herr

    Hi there! So in love with your work, just saw it through treehugger. I am working on a vaguely similar project about mourning, solidarity and rebellion. I think we can support one another. Please send me your e-mail so I can share my project with you. Thanks for your work!

    1. meg Post author

      Thank you, Natasha! Look forward to seeing your work and how we can support one another. Sending you and email… Love, thank you, megan


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