to old growth forest and whole women

Extinction Witness’s first regeneration project is a tribute to old growth forest and whole women. The project title is conceived from the concept of intact forests and the original sense of Virgin.

“Virgin” originated from the Greek and Latin word “Virgo,” or maiden. It was used often in Greek mythology to classify several goddesses. Virgin was a label of strength and independence that described the goddesses who were immune to the temptations of Dionysus, Greek god of seduction and wine. - Palo Alto Medical Foundation

'grounded' with Clare Hedin, Megan Hollingsworth and Suellen Primost photo © Tree Ring Productions

‘grounded’ with Clare Hedin, Megan Hollingsworth and Suellen Primost photo © Tree Ring Productions

This regeneration project includes two short photo documentary films, Wildfire a love story (2013) and Virgin (work in progress), and a proposal to create a memorial site in what is now the North Grove of Calaveras Big Trees State Park, home to “the big stump” or “the big base” as we like to say.

‘Wildfire a love story’ depicts an intimate exploration of the soul’s lovemaking and the power of love to psycho-spiritually regenerate individuals.

Wildfire is purposed to raise awareness of wildfire’s role in the regeneration of sequoia and to encourage the memorial grove at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California.

The proposal submitted to Calaveras Big Trees State Park can be read here. The California Department of Parks and Recreation is reviewing the proposal but does not plan to take any action towards implementing any of the three phases at this time. Further study and evaluation is needed and implementing the proposal may require amendments to the Park’s General Plan last reviewed publicly in 1984. Our next step is to review the General Plan and continue the conversation.

'redwood light' with Suellen Primost, photo © Tree Ring Productions

‘redwood light’ with Suellen Primost, photo © Tree Ring Productions

Virgin (anticipated 2014) is a short haunting portrait of many voices gathered in a chorus of love in motion. The pre-production of Virgin began in November 2013. Virgin celebrates women and trees, while calling women and men together for the urgent protection and regeneration of forest ecosystems.

Virgin draws attention to both forest protection and forest regeneration projects. Among them is TreeSisters, a registered charity that supports women to harness creativity, connections, and resources directed toward tree planting projects in the tropics.

Please be in touch with me if you would like to learn more about Virgin and/or make a financial contribution to Extinction Witness toward its completion.



Thank you!



8 thoughts on “Virgin

    1. meg Post author

      Thank you, Susy! The light is all powerful and fearless. Thank you for yours…and for your tending and nourishing of mine. Infinite gratitude and love, love you so sister.

  1. Zihna

    I was a victim of abuse and now work with abuse victims with homeopathy. It completes the circle of empowement for me. As I help others to heal, it also heals me.

    1. meg Post author

      Thank you, Zihna, for committing to your healing and helping others along the path. I am familiar with homeopathy but not enough to know specifics for helping those who have been violated. I am curious as to your work and am glad to connect! I’ll be in touch and thank you for taking time with me here! Love, Megan

  2. Catherine Campion

    If ever you want to add a voice to your beautiful, vulnerable, insightful poetry and films, Megan, I am happy to lend you mine. I am a voice actress with a home studio, in Hollywood. I would be honored.

    Infinite blessings, solidarity and support, sister.

  3. salishan

    Your sensitivity to the Sequoia virgins called to mind Denise Levertov’s ‘The Batterers:

    A man sits by the bed
    of a woman he has beaten,
    dresses her wounds,
    gingerly dabs at bruises.
    Her blood pools about her,

    Astonished, he finds he’s begun
    to cherish her. He is terrified.
    Why had he never
    seen, before, what she was?
    What if she stops breathing?

    Earth, can we not love you
    unless we believe the end is near?
    Believe in your life
    unless we think you are dying.

    1. meg Post author

      wow. this is beautiful and so true, we have come to this and it is ok, there is this time called now to believe with our whole hearts and act accordingly. love, thank you…


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